Technology changes faster than society can keep up with. Lunacy Now offers transition support to help cope with the rapid pace of technological and societal change.

Take full advantage of everything the 21st century has to offer.

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Right now we’re talking about education and the ways in which technology can help you take control of your own learning.




The Old Paradigm is Ending

Rapid social and technological changes have rendered western societies unrecognizable. One way of life is over, and something new is emerging in its place.

This transition is morally neutral. Awareness that it’s happening means letting go of preconceived ideas about how the world should work. But it doesn’t mean abandoning everything which came before.

We ask three questions:

  1. What from our past is worth keeping?
  2. What should we throw away?
  3. What should we do next?

Find out more about the cultural phase we call the “Byzantine Transition”


The New Paradigm Has Just Begun

As one age ends, another rises. We want to help people figure out what that something else should be. More importantly, how you fit into that shift.

We do this by connecting you with information and organizations around the web which are actively working to create the new system. This doesn’t mean politicians or ideologues. Grassroots civilization building is individuals working to build the future step by step, brick by brick.

Learn what changes are coming so you are ready ahead of time.

Discover options for growth and development you didn’t know existed.

Brainstorm effective strategies to adapt to the fast changing world.