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From Macro to Micro

Traditional media outlets focus on macro geopolitical trends and the pros and cons of government policies. In a mere 100 years humanity has gone from horses and carts being a regular sight to instant cheap international audiovisual communication. The pace of change shows no signs of slowing.

Many contemporary social and political problems  are connected to this overarching sense of excessive speed. We’re writing to help people aware of the macro trajectory get specific about how to utilize these tools on the micro scale of an individual’s experience.

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.


Practical Future Building

Many outlets are discussing the pace of change and the many ways the world is being restructured before our eyes. Theorizing about the proper place of AI, whether cryptocurrencies can replace fiat, and other such questions is important work. Yet it lacks a tangible connection to the lives of ordinary citizens.

Innovations like as 3D printing, or gene-editing are only as relevant as how they impact individual people. Empowering you to make informed choices on how to interact with this technology is the purpose of this website.

Everything we do is geared towards helping you discover new approaches that can benefit your life starting today.


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