It’s 2018. Teddy bears aren’t just for children anymore (how limiting and parochial is that attitude!). These days more and more professional adults are making an emotional support teddy a part of their lives – and raving about how it’s the best professional choice they’ve ever made.

So how do you know if an emotional support teddy is the right choice for you?

Let us explain why getting one is the best decision you’ll make this year.


1. They’re So Cuddly

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 22.12.12
A hardworking emotional support teddy. (Photo: Creative Commons/Andrei Niemimäki)

Unlike a human, bears are soft and cuddly. And a good cuddle has proven effects at lowering cortisol and other stress hormones. Many emotional support bears take great pride in their comfy and pillowy fur and go to great lengths to maintain the quality of their coat.

Just wrapping your arms around their big squishy bodies can make you feel like all your problems are melting away.


2.They’re Great Listeners

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 22.21.42
Fluffy open ears and a fluffy open heart. (Photo: Creative Commons/Simon Law)

An emotional support bear will always, always, listen. They’re not going to get defensive when you start ranting. They’re not going to try and fix your problems or interrupt you to tell you how they went through the same thing only last year, except worse because their mom had cancer at the same time.

They just fucking listen.


3.They Never Judge

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 22.25.35
Never shocked, never surprised, always supportive. (Photo: Creative Commons/Hannah Sorensson)

Crying your eyes out because you drunk dialed your ex and they picked up and you went over there had sex and now you feel like shit? For the third time this week? Got fired for smoking weed in the bathroom at work? Your emotional support bear gets you. They’re not upset or angry or (worse) disappointed. Your emotional support bear doesn’t judge.

They’re there for you 100%, no matter what.


4.They’re Always There

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 22.28.36
A hug, a heart, a home. (Photo: Creative Commons/Bastian Greshake)

Teddy bears don’t have dentist appointments or law school exams or other friends they haven’t seen in a really long time. They don’t have jobs they’d get fired from for skipping to hang out. Being with you is their job. And it’s a job they’re devoted to. Day in, day out, come rain or shine.

Whenever you need them.


5.They Push You to Be Your Best Self (But not in an aggressive way)

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 22.32.28
You got this, friend! (Photo: Creative Commons/Marlo Mckenzie)

An emotional support bear has your back in all situations, and wants to see you succeed. Got a big meeting coming up? Squeeze the bear’s hand, and you’ll feel reassured that you got this. Teddy is rooting for you. Turning in a major assignment that could make or break your role at this company? Look steadily into the bear’s calming eyes. They will radiate quiet confidence and pride. This bear is your bear and knows you can do it.

A good emotional support bear will not only help you see your strengths and limitations honestly and come to terms with the best way to approach any situation in light of that self-knowledge. They will inspire you to search within yourself and reveal hidden depths you didn’t even know you had.

They will bring out your light to shine.



Of course, not all teddies are qualified emotional support bears, so do make sure the one you’re considering is fully licensed before contracting them. Remember that you can have your emotional support teddy sit next to you on the plane if you bring its certificate with you and present it at the gate.


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