Welcome to another edition of Lunacy Today, bringing you Lunacy Now’s craziest news picks from around the world.


1.Prince Harry’s Wedding Invitations are Embossed in Gold

As you have probably heard, the younger son of the heir to British throne is getting married! Prince Harry will wed Meghan Markhle, one of the stars of Suits.

The invitations have been sent out – and they are embossed in gold.


2.Gross Video of Anglerfish Sex Has Been Published for the First Time

The deep sea Angler-fish have the most horrific sex on earth. First, the male attaches himself to the side of the female. She then gradually absorbs him, piece by piece. His organs, skin and blood, just dissolve and become a part of her, while his fins fall off.

Now, for the first time, The Washington Post has the video.


3. This Year Had Shockingly Low Levels of Arctic Ice

According to scientists at the National Snow & Ice Data Center, this winter’s peak arctic ice for 2018 was the second lowest on record.

The lowest year in the 39 years it has been recorded was 2017.



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