Three great stories.


1.Man Asks National Paper If It’s OK to Cheat

A man wrote to Slate to ask their relationship advice columnist how he should tell his wife, just after she gave birth to their daughter, that he wants to start shagging other women.

He writes:

“I’ve been with my wife for eight years, married for three, and we recently had a baby. I love my wife and I adore our baby girl, but while I love my wife, I’m not “in love” with her anymore, and I’m no longer attracted to her physically.
Our relationship is more like two roommates who share parenting duties. She is my best friend and I love her like a sister. I don’t want a divorce. Instead, I want to ask her if I can open the relationship.”

Slate has the answer.


2.Florida Police Wrest Huge Alligator From Family Pool

Police in Nokomis posted video and photographs of an 11-foot alligator they removed from a pool at a family home. They captioned the image “Just no.”

The BBC has the details.


3.Woman Tased Her Son to Get Him to Go to Church

An Arizona woman, Sharron Dobbins, has been arrested after allegedly tasing her teenage son to convince him to get up and go to church on Sunday morning for Easter. “Get up, it’s Jesus Day,” she told reporters she said to him.

She claims she only sparked the taser in her hands to scare him. But both her sons and their cousin told police she zapped the boy on his leg.

She now faces felony child abuse charges.

The Washington Post has the full story.

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