What is a Restless Dreamer?


We distilled into 13 concise principles. This isn’t so much a set of positions but a declaration of a weltanschauung or hashkafah – a frame through which Lunacy Now sees the world. Each point is broad and open to a lot of interpretation.

Thirteen represents the twelve tribes of Israel plus God and is the numerical value of the Hebrew words for “One” and “Love.”



Spirituality: This isn’t about any particular creed. It’s simply “man shall not live by bread alone” – acknowledge that the spiritual element exists and is essential to human flourishing. Whether by meditation, contemplation, ancient rituals or simple awe, foster connection to the transcendent.




Neo-Tribalism: Communities are the central organizational unit of civilization. Organic close-knit networks of marriage, blood and friendship support one another, grounded in shared identity and values. The tribe anchors you in a collective of people you actually know, as opposed to existing as a mere atom in an otherwise undifferentiated blob of citizens.




Traditionalism: That which has endured, has value, and we should think twice before throwing it away. Even things which seem to have little benefit but which are very old may be worth keeping, since they connect us to our past and root us in a much older story.




Futurism: Embrace curiosity and wonder. Continually, incrementally create. Fill in the blank edges of the map and push the bounds of human possibility. Don’t just gaze at the stars, work to reach them.




Romanticism: Feel everything, honestly and purely, and let your life-adventure be guided by your heart. This doesn’t mean being carried away by your passions and ignoring all good sense. It means being true to yourself.




Memento Mori: Remember you will die. Essentially, #YOLO, quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur. Remembering your own mortality will shift your perspective to put what really matters first, forcing you to live your best life.




Excellence: Strive to constantly better oneself, against your previous best self. Aristotle said “We become what we repeatedly do: Excellence then is not a virtue but a habit.” Pursue lifelong learning, personal growth, mind/body optimization and work/life balance.




Wanderlust: The pull in your throat when you see boats sailing far out in the ocean and wish you were on them. Hanging old maps on your wall. The idea of stepping out the front door and just keeping on walking.




Beauty: For its own sake, in defiance of mere function. To delight in and create loveliness, in all things, and in so doing, add a little more wonder and joy to the world.




Minimalism: Have fewer possessions and more experiences. Of course, books are an exception. You can never have too many books.




Environmentalism: Care about the planet and fight to preserve it. Animals, plants and birds share this world with us. Orient life to damage less and nurture more.




Radical Compassion: Life is hard and everyone is trying their best with the tools they have. That doesn’t mean people can’t do evil things. It just means recognizing our shared humanity with love.




Gonzo: Above all, style. Celebrate writing as an art form – visceral, joyous, and which people actually want to fucking read.


These 13 principles underpin everything we do at Lunacy Now, from our editorial process, to the incredible people we interview to the products and companies we work with. They frame what we want to support and bring to the world.

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