Lunacy Now stands for truth, justice and the American way. That’s why we’re teaming up with top interfaith activist Shireen Qudosi to launch the world’s premier cannabis based interfaith festival.

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Sign up to the waitlist now.


What is Toke for Tolerance?

Toke for Tolerance brings people together to address the complex political, philosophical and religious issues which divide communities. We will use cannabis as a tool to facilitate peer-to-peer peace building by stripping down our inhibitions.

The event will be a long weekend (Friday through Monday), in a secluded location in California.

We will do this in an inclusive interfaith environment featuring multi-faith prayer, meditation, textual analysis and discussion workshops.


Why Cannabis?

TV chat shows, potluck meet-n-greets, formal debates, theological summits and all sorts of other strategies have been tried. Yet the divisions between our communities remain. No one has ever seriously attempted to use cannabis as a tool for social healing in a structured, deliberate and legal manner.

So let’s see if it works.


Toke for Tolerance


What are We Going to Do?

Toke is primarily about bridging the divide between the Muslim and Jewish community, which has been under strain in recent years. This will involve, among other things, discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

But it’s also about racism, white supremacy, capitalism and other issues that divide communities. It’s open to everyone regardless of background. Toke believes the issues which face us are holistic rather than specific. We therefore can’t adequately address any given issue unless we facilitate conversations about related issues. This includes getting down to the core human traits that produce conflict – in-group/out-group dynamics, linguistic differences causing misunderstandings, hierarchies of value and the aggression impulse.

We will read and discuss extracts from a wide cross-section of thinkers to uncover the root issues underlying our divisions. Such thinkers include: the chassidic masters the Alter Rebbe and Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, Enlightenment thinkers John Locke, and Thomas Paine, Muslim golden age philosophers Al-Ghazzali, Averros and Ibn Khaldun, along with more contemporary figures like Abdullahi Ahmed an-Naim, Amina Wadud, Hannah Arendt, Edward Said, James Baldwin, Emma Goldman, Hamza Yusuf and Jordan Peterson.

We are going to host open listening sessions where we hear each others truth without judgement and share our own.

And obviously we’re going to hit back a lot of bong rips.


Sounds cool. How do I sign up?

We plan to host Toke for Tolerance this year and are currently in discussions with sponsors, vendors and speakers to make that happen. Sign up now to get on the waitlist for priority tickets. There will only be a limited number of places, so if you are not on the waitlist we cannot guarantee there will be tickets available.


Get on the waitlist now.


Toke for Tolerance


  1. This would be a great discussion weekend. Pity the participants will be high and therefore not likely to a) be motivated enough to get up and attend b) if they do attend, wakeful and coherent enough in their thinking to say anything meaningful. Acceptance and promotion of drugs is a one way street that inevitably is a long walk back home.


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