Toke for Tolerance is an interfaith festival which brings together participants of different faiths using cannabis to build a space of radical honesty. As part of that we will read and discuss selected sacred and secular texts. The goal is twofold. First to build an understanding of the way other communities see political issues and the world at large. Secondly it’s to engage with the message of the texts themselves, and bring their wisdom with us into the 21st century.

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As we build up towards the festival, Lunacy Now is sharing these texts on our website. We aim to get the ball rolling on what Toke for Tolerance is all about.

Our second text is the first Surah (chapter) of the Quran, Al-Fatihah (The Opener). These seven short verses are recited by observant Muslims at least 17 times a day in prayer. A hadith in Bukhari records the Muslim Prophet Muhammed as saying “Whoever does not recite Al-Fatiha in his prayer, his prayer is invalid.”

It is regarded as a highly significant Surah. For this reason it is also called “The Mother of the Quran.” Some regard it as capable of opening a person’s heart to God.

Translation by Sahih International.

In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

[All] praise is [due] to Allah, Lord of the worlds –

The Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful,

Sovereign of the Day of Recompense.

It is You we worship and You we ask for help.

Guide us to the straight path –

The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray.

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