Tickets are now on sale for Toke for Tolerance, the world’s premier cannabis-based interfaith festival.

In June 2019 veteran interfaith activist Shireen Qudosi and media startup Lunacy Now are hosting a blunt conversation about intercommunal division in the age of Trump.

Topics will include:

  • The surveillance state
  • Colonialism, racism, fascism, and Western foreign policy
  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its impact on diasporic communities
  • Religiously motivated violence and political extremism.
  • Communal coercion and freedom of conscience.
  • Group dynamics and the psychology of alienation, fear, and rage.


These topics are frequently discussed separately. But they are rarely discussed holistically, as different facets of a central issue.

Toke seeks a way to move away from hatred and partisanship and towards an open conversation of the root causes of division.

We focus on divides between the Jewish and Muslim communities, with an emphasis on how we as individuals are impacted by events outside of our control around the world, and what we can do as individuals to promote healing and inter-connection.

Open to all faiths, Toke is a four day event at our secret location in Colorado, where we bring activists, faith leaders and citizens together to share their stories and break down barriers. The conference has no ideological redlines for participation, we only ask that you come in peace.

For legal reasons we will not be selling any marijuana at the event. The venue is cannabis friendly, so you are welcome to bring your own. Vegan food will be provided. Armed security will be present due to the sensitive and political nature of the topics being discussed.

There are only 25 early bird tickets available at $250 each before prices rise.


Click to get your ticket now.

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