“Faster and faster until the thrill of speed overtakes the fear of death” — Hunter S. Thompson

Lunacy Now is an online lifestyle community for restless dreamers.

We recognize that the world is in tremendous flux. We believe that the only way to survive and flourish is to embrace the chaos, and lean in to the ever-accelerating change. So we work to help our readers (that’s you) adapt, improvise, and overcome.

We are focused around what we call the Byzantine Transition – the idea that Western Civilization is over and we need to decide what to salvage from it, what to throw away, and what we want to do next.

Our writing is aimed at helping the individual make changes in their own lives that will shape the way that transition develops and help them flourish as the world changes. We don’t give advice or prescriptive answers. Instead we ask questions and explore possible solutions that the reader can take, ignore or tweak as appropriate.

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Neon at the Diner. (Photo: Ged Carroll/Creative Commons)
Neon at the Diner. (Photo: Ged Carroll/Creative Commons)