“Faster and faster until the thrill of speed overtakes the fear of death”

Hunter S. Thompson


What  Is Lunacy Now?

Lunacy Now is an information hub connecting highly engaged and visionary individuals with practical, implementable ways to build the futures they want. We do this through analysis of the intersection of emerging technology and cultural trends.

This means constantly seeking out the bleeding edge of innovation and sharing their insights with our readers. We present ideas and opportunities which might not otherwise reach a wide audience as options for people who seek to live alternative lifestyles.

We put out regular articles, supplemented by periodic in-depth reports on specific issues. We also support events. We are a husband and wife team currently based in Texas, but with international connections to England and Israel. Our perspective is informed by our tri-national lifestyle, and the pluralistic multicultural experiences which come with that.

Everything we put out has one focus: how could this information impact your life?

On this About page you will find more information detailing what we’re trying to do and why, as well as some information about the underlying philosophy behind it for those who are interested.

For more depth see our brief explainer: What is Lunacy Now.


New Media Solutions

Most media outlets focus on either breaking news, or commentary on the political situation. Trust in media is slowly recovering from an all-time low in 2016, but still remains significantly below what it was it in the 1990s. Many outlets are driven by partisan rancor or promote specific Although national and international politics are extremely important, outside of the ballot box it is very difficult for an individual, no matter how motivated, to significantly impact the course of events.

This is shown by increasing numbers of people checking out of politics entirely to focus on their own lives and careers. While this is understandable, we believe that passionate, caring individuals living intentionally can change the world brick by brick, by operating on the micro-level.

Yet traditional media outlets have failed such readers, since they focus almost exclusively on big-picture issues almost entirely outside of the reader’s control, like summits, international treaties, election forecasts etc. We aim to fill that gap by ignoring the cut-and-thrust of politics entirely. We support no parties and do not have a policy agenda. Anything that the government may or may not do is a non-controllable variable, like the weather.

Instead we bring the focus back to the reader and connects you only with tangible options which can make a difference in the way you live.

For more on this see our article: The Politics of the Apolitical


The Macro Context

All of this takes place within the global context, of course.  The philosophy of Lunacy Now starts with two assumptions, firstly that the world is in a rapid state of flux, and secondly that a person can only control their own actions. Awareness of these two factors would naturally lead a person interested in the long term trajectory of civilization towards seeking out specific micro-level solutions and options they can implement in their own lives.

We recognize that the world is in tremendous flux. We believe that the only way to survive and flourish is to embrace the chaos, and “lean in,” as Sheryl Sandberg would say, to the ever-accelerating change. So we work to help our readers (that’s you) adapt, improvise, and overcome.

The change is fuelled by two main things. Firstly, rapid technological change, which has seen computers take over many aspects of our lives with no signs of slowing down. Secondly, extreme cultural shifts which have taken place in the West since World War One, starting with universal suffrage, and which have accelerated since the 1960s. These two factors are heavily interrelated and spur each other on. Broadly speaking the so-called culture wars have been about whether or not these movements should be sped up or slowed down.

Lunacy Now takes a third view. We see the traditional Western framework, based on a Judeo-Christian moral framework built over roman legal foundations combined with an enlightenment era rationalist secularism as obsolete at this point. Determining what comes next and how to manage that transition effectively is the key question we seek to address.

We see the transition as morally neutral.

For more depth see our article: What is the Death of the West


Navigating the Transition

Three questions frame our work:

  1. What from our past is worth keeping?
  2. What should we throw away?
  3. What should we do next?

We are not interested in reviving some kind of Western throwback, nor do we think such a plan would work. We are interested in preserving everything positive about the Western Heritage and improving on it incrementally to further advance civilization.

Insofar as we have a political affiliation, it loosely maps onto this description from the blog Jacob Ex Machina, “Pro-Civilization and the New Right.” This excellent piece outlines a worldview focused on the long term survival and flourishing of civilization itself, rather than concern with individual states, policies or ethnic groups.

Find out more about the cultural phase we call the “Byzantine Transition”


Grassroots Civilization Building

Orienting towards the future means assessing what changes are coming. We want to help you figure out what changes you want to see more of, and how you personally fit into the changing world.

We do this by connecting you with information and organizations around the web which are actively working to create the new system. This doesn’t mean politicians or ideologues. Grassroots civilization building is individuals working to build the future step by step, brick by brick.

Our writing is aimed at helping the individual make changes in their own lives that will shape the way that transition develops and help them flourish as the world changes. We don’t give advice or prescriptive answers. Instead we ask questions and explore possible solutions that the reader can take, ignore or tweak as appropriate.

For more depth, see our article: Grassroots Civilization Building


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Lunacy Now is a registered LLC in the state of Texas.