“If you change the way you tell your own story, you can change the colour, and create a life in technicolour.” — Isabel Allende, Chilean Novelist


Colossal societal upheavals from the 1960s onwards have deconstructed much of traditional marriage based society. In its absence people struggle to relate to the West’s historical baggage. As a civilization we have yet to move forwards into a new cohesive identity.

In this vacuum, culture wars run rampant on college campuses and online.

Instead of engaging in one side or the other, wee seek to find a way for the individual to rise about the noise. In this section we address considerations of how to build a coherent cultural identity for yourself. Right now people have a unique opportunity to actively create and curate the culture they want consciously, in a way which has not previously been possible.

Navigate the process of what to inherit and what to throw away from the Western heritage and construct what that means in practical terms.


Stress Testing Potential Marriage Partners

Culture Shock and Globalism

Thanksgiving and American Civic Religion

When Scripture and Human Rights Clash

We Do What it Says in the Book