“Just as the technology of printing altered and reduced the power of medieval guilds and the social power structure, so too will cryptologic methods fundamentally alter the nature of corporations and of government interference in economic transactions” — Tim May, The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto


This section is the why behind the what. If you’re uninterested in structural analysis of the broader sweep of civilization and how we fit as individuals into it, this part of the site is probably not for you. 

Nations, countries and religions are social constructs or memes passed on from mind to mind and which exist in a sense as shared fictions we agree on. Why some of these concepts succeed where others fail is non-trivial. Properly comprehending how this process works (let alone learning how to manipulate it), will be incredibly useful in understanding the patterns of behavior you see all around you.

In this section we assess what it means to say that the West is dying, how narrative superstructures rise and fall and the ways in which we identify with different groups and values over time. 

Beyond sharing practical options for how to live, read on for higher order questions of mindset and meaning. 


Living Intentionally

The Politics of the Apolitical

What is “The Byzantine Transition”?

Time to Ditch the Narrative of Decline

Why We Must Enslave the Robots

What is The Death of The West?

Grassroots Civilization Building