Lunacy Now sees the internet as the new printing press. It’s a total revolution in information accessibility. Yet because the internet is so vast it can be difficult to sift through and find exactly what you need.

We want to help our readers use the internet effectively to learn anything they want to. Here are our top picks for websites that will help you get an education on your own, for free, starting right now.

Using just the resources on this page, you can learn as much as you would in a university.

Needless to say, none of these websites will be effective without you doing the work to study.


Free Materials


Open Culture

Open Culture may be one of the best sites on the entire internet. Editor Dan Colman brings together free courses and educational materials from across the web together into one smoothly organized site. For almost any topic you wish to master, you can find something on Open Culture. Courses include video lectures, audio, online courses from top universities and many other forms of media.



Founded in 2012 by Harvard and MIT, edX features thousands of online courses from some of the world’s leading universities. The courses vary in length and subject and are usually self paced. They include videos, exercises and reading to teach the information and can be taken from anywhere in the world. Although many of their courses cost money, others are free. Of those which cost, they pale in comparison to the price of doing a Bachelors or Masters at one of these institutions.


Code Academy

If you’ve ever wanted to go into tech and wondered where to start, this is it. Code Academy has a variety of different programming languages to learn in short courses. You can get started straight away and complete the courses at your own pace. They include videos and coding exercises. Although there is a premium version which does cost money, you can learn a lot before you have to pay for it.



One of the world’s largest online course sites, Coursera has programs from affiliated institutions all over the world. Many of them are paid courses. For others you can view the course reading materials and lectures for free and only have to pay if you choose to get a certificate.



Out of the many language learning apps, we like this one the best. Perhaps because Duolingo is so easy to use. It teaches vocabulary and grammar through a flashcard method. You gain points as you learn. Your progress through levels is monitored and you are prompted to return and retake areas where you did poorly. It also allows you to set goals for time spent learning every day.



If you want to get in shape from the comfort of your own home, Darebee is for you. Built by trained fitness professionals, Darebee offers workout plans for all levels, for free. You can either download stand alone exercises, one off workout sets, or month long programs. They are ranked by difficulty so you can be sure you are doing the right one. They also recommend nutrition plans for maximum gains.



The entire bible, old and new testaments, in one easy to use website. A number of translations are available, and it is very user friendly. The bible is underpins the basis of much of western civilization.


The Quran and the Hadith

Scholars from the Muslim community have uploaded their sacred texts online, freely searchable to anyone with a wi-fi connection. These two sites have reputable translations done by top scholars and are extremely user friendly. The Quran is one of the most important books ever written.



Sefaria is a project by teams of Jewish scholars to upload the entire corpus of Jewish literature onto an easily searchable app. It is free and you can download it onto your phone from the App Store. The library features many different translations. It also links citations very smoothly, and shows a vast range of commentary.


Information is Beautiful

This incredible website turns the world’s data into stunning visualizations you can readily understand. The perfect blend of art and information, the site will help you understand difficult topics in a readily accessible format.



A fantastic database put together by a team of historians compiling global history into one big dataset. Contains reams of knowledge on societies throughout human history for the purpose of testing scientific hypotheses about the past in a systematic, comprehensive and data driven way. Also contains publications and a blog about their project.


Have we missed out any top websites? Let us know so we can include them later on in the update.